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Jahra Governor launches Social Security Center
June 17, 2015, 9:40 am

Al-Jahra Governor Lieutenant General (ret.) Fahad Al-Ameer announced on Tuesday the establishment of Al-Jahra Center for Social Security, which aims to strengthen cooperation among society members and protect the unique social environment.

Al-Ameer said at a news conference that the role of social security center is to provide stability and tranquility in the community, stressing importance on security in the life of communities in various social and psychological aspects, more importantly the development of society. Al-Ameer added that the center will work to bring social mobility, intellectual interaction, and social development through the creation of communication channels among segments of society, including government and private entities and civil society institutions.

Al-Ameer noted that people in Al-Jahra are "exceptional, have high spirit of communication and social harmony, which is a key element in achieving the goal of the center." He said that those in charge of the center have identified key priorities and held several meetings to find a suitable ground for the center launch and establish a community partnership.

Al-Ameer added that the center will be the basis for establishing psychological, educational, and social consulting centers in main areas of Al-Jahra Governorate and the establishment of a specialized body to deal with child abuse as well as the organization of special programs to combat religious extremism and terrorism.

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