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Jahra Municipality branch launches campaign to demolish camping sites
November 7, 2016, 8:39 am

The Kuwait Municipality branch in Jahra has launched an extensive campaign to demolish camping sites where violations were uncovered.

Fieldwork Supervisor at the branch Bandar Al-Shemmari said the Municipality issued warnings to the owners of such camping sites and put stickers on these sites.

He disclosed 50 camping sites were demolished in Sulaibiya desert due to failure to obtain licenses. He then advised the citizens and expatriates to get a license before setting up their camps. He added that they can obtain licenses from the Municipality and its branches in the six governorates.

Al-Shemmari confi rmed the demolition campaign will continue to cover camping sites in Salmi, Subiya, Sulaibiya and Mutla’a in the coming days.

Source: Arab Times

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