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Jihadist groups trying to take advantage of Bedouns issue
September 13, 2015, 8:59 am

Arecent study conducted by the GCC Institute in Washington has warned decision-makers in the State of Kuwait about the dangers associated with the non-resolution of the Bedoun issue, as the Islamic State (IS) and other jihadist groups are trying to take advantage of this issue to destabilize the country and the entire region, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The study urged the Kuwaiti government to review the Bedoun situation and curb any attempts that are aimed to exploit this case for harming Kuwait, insisting that the government should consider the fact that some Bedoun residents were involved in the terrorist attacks particularly in the recent one on Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque. It explained that there are about 100,000 Bedoun residents in Kuwait, which represents a probable threat to the security of Kuwait and the region.

However, exaggerating the issue of the threat presented by these Bedoun residents on the security of the country could provoke conflicts between them and the Kuwaiti community.

Therefore, settling this problem is not easy. The study revealed that the involvement of Bedoun residents in political violence reflects a wider trend to empower Islamists and extremists, which could negatively impact the Kuwaiti polity, adding that it may lead to harmonization of interests between some tribal authorities and Islamic movements including the Muslim Brotherhood Group and the Salafist Movement which emerged among the urban Kuwaitis.

Source: Arab Times

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