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Jihadists hack Twitter accounts in drone-hit revenge
November 11, 2015, 8:51 am
Unidentified drones spying Kuwaiti installations

Jihadists have hacked tens of thousands of Twitter accounts in retaliation for the drone attack that killed British Islamic State extremist, reports Al-Rai daily.

A group called Cyber Caliphate set up by Junaid Hussein from Birmingham urged its followers to take control of the accounts to spread IS propaganda. Most of the victims appear to be based in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait though some are feared to be British. In what experts described as a worrying escalation of the global cyber war, details of more than 54,000 Twitter accounts, including passwords, were posted online last Sunday.

It raised the prospect of genuine account holders watching helplessly as IS rhetoric appears under their names. One victim, a half-British engineer based in Saudi Arabia, said: ‘I am horrified at how they got hold of my details.’ The extremists also posted hacked personal details, including mobile phone numbers, of the heads of the CIA, the FBI and America’s National Security Agency.

Hussein led IS’s computer hacking division before he was killed by a US drone in a joint operation with the UK in August. His widow, mother-of-two Sally Jones from Kent — known as ‘Mrs Terror’ — is on a government list of the most dangerous British recruiters for IS.

Also, about 75 days ago, or rather towards the end of August a small drone equipped with a camera flew over the Bayan Palace and got tangled in a palm tree inside the palace garden, reports Al- Rai daily.

The intelligence arm of the State Security police took possession of the drone, dismantled it and then sent the film footage for inspection, under the assumption the owner of the drone may be someone living in the vicinity of the Palace. Another small drone flew over Al- Tahrir Tanks Brigade in Abdali and continued hovering over the place for more than a quarter of an hour before and then disappeared out of sight.


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