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Jleeb water 'leakage' from tank not sewage: AI Ansari
August 13, 2015, 2:06 pm

Director of Maintenance Engineering in the Ministry of Public Works at Farwaniya Governorate Engineer Ibrahim Al-Ansari stated the department has completed inspecting stagnant water on street 147 of block 2 in JIeeb Al-Shuyoukh caused by leakage from the water storage tank of a neighboring house.

Engineer Al-Ansari was responding to social media trend that indicated the stagnant water is from the sewage. He stressed JIeeb Al-Shuyoukh is among the randomly organized areas with a large number of foreigners residing there, thus many violations 'take" place in an attempt to accommodate such a huge number of inhabitants.

He cited the violations like illegal installation of sewage pipes, illegal acquisition of public property and utilities such as stealing manhole and drainage covers, and over populated houses that put pressure on the sewage and drainage system. Al-Ansari indicated the Ministry of Public Works has addressed Kuwait Municipality to restructure the area to enable more services to be provided and ensure that such services are not overstretched.

Also the Ministry of Electricity and Water addressed the Municipality on the same issue "and we hope that action will be taken to resolve this issue soon ". He indicated the Ministry's hotline is operational 24/7 to receive complaints from the members of the public and that concerned departments are always on standby to respond to any complaints in order to end any inconvenience to the public. 

Source: Arab Times

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