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Jordanian woman used forged documents to obtain Kuwaiti citizenship
April 24, 2016, 8:33 am

Acting on the information and armed with a search and arrest warrant issued by the Public Prosecution personnel from the General Department for Citizenship and Travel Documents raided the home of a ‘Jordanian’ woman living in the Al-Sawaber Complex and arrested her for obtaining Kuwaiti citizenship using forged documents.

According to a security source, the suspect is an Iraqi citizen who got married to a Kuwaiti in 1983 and the man died five year later.

The woman gave birth to two Kuwaiti girls after her marriage and after the man’s death she got married to a Jordanian in 1991 in Jordan and the marriage was registered in Jordan and not Kuwait.

In 2000 she obtained the Jordanian citizenship and bought a house and land in Jordan.

In 2005 she applied and got a Kuwaiti citizenship on the strength of her dead husband after submitting a document issued by the Ministry of Justice stating she is a Kuwaiti widow and benefitted form the services rendered to Kuwaitis by state. 

Source: Arab Times

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