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Justice Min. seeks new methods to simplify judicial procedures
August 25, 2016, 8:37 am

The Ministry of Justice is looking to incorporate technological methods into its works in a bid to simplify judicial processes, as more government bodies look to adopt electronic appliances.

Advisor to the Minister of Justice and the ministry's official spokesman Nawaf Al-Sharqawi made those remarks after a workshop where a representatives of a Singaporean company detailed their experiences with the e-court system.

Moreover, he noted that the ministry's suggestion to hold this workshop was an attempt to get a better understanding of the e-court system, from a company well-versed in how the system operates.

Furthermore, Al-Sharqawi said the workshop gave ministry officials a chance to get acquainted with the e-court system and how the country's court system could stand to gain from employing this system.

He also deemed the system as a useful tool that would facilitate and develop judicial processes in the country, adding that work is underway to implement this system. The Ministry of Justice has recently introduced a spate of electronic applications, including e-signature, e-archive and e-messages.

Source: KUNA

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