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K'S PATH given official recognition
November 20, 2014, 1:14 pm

Kuwaiti authorities have granted legal status to the Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat, affirming the approach towards protecting all living creatures of various species. 

Aisha Al-Humaidhi, the society chairperson, affirmed the necessity of protecting animals, their habitat and guiding human beings to be kind to these living creatures. She was speaking during a ceremony, held late on Wednesday, marking the society's official proclamation. The society "has reaped the fruits of its success that has been made since nine years ago and it was posible through diligent work," she said, mentioning the Association's diverse activities, namely holding workshops aimed at educating the public about theresponsibility of hosting an animal as well as providing refuge for any animals in need for care.

Citizens who have animals or pets regularly seek the Society's advice and guidance. It has given refuge for various animals including horses, runs a center for wildlife rehabilitation, animals' reserves, deals with stray animals, environmental cleanliness and relevant education.

For her part, the society deputy chairperson, Sheikha Fatma Mubarak Al-Sabah, expressed gratitude to all people who have backed the national association, affirming the resolve to exert further efforts "to serve our dear Kuwait which deserves to be a minaret for humanity and progress." The society organizes campaigns to clean the Kuwaiti beaches, preserves various species on land and at the sea.

Elaborating, Sheikha Fatma said the society also deals with smuggled animals to ensure that the relevant law is applied in this regard, monitors cruel treatment of the animals and seeks to improve the habitat for settled and migrating animals, namely birds.

Moreover, it is seeking to secure refuge for farm animals that have been discarded or subjected to cruel treatment, in addition to launching the first women program to deal with stray animals, educate adults about farm animals, food resources, marine environmental protection, migrating birds and horses' stables. 

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