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KAC workers crisis averted
May 18, 2015, 9:42 am

Government and Parliamentary sides took last minute action to calm the crisis of Kuwait Airways employees who are due to be transferred to the Government sector in line with Kuwait Airways privatization law number 6/2008. Sources said 159 employees — among them 42 pilots, earlier received notices that their salaries will be suspended starting from June 1, 2015; that is if no decision is taken to register them in other areas of government sector, as stipulated in the law.

The same sources indicated the crisis is about to end after series of calls made with the objective to extend the grace period while waiting for the National Assembly to complete a review of the proposed amendments to privatization law of the national carrier.

They affirmed that instructions were issued from the Minister of Transport Essa Al-Kandari to the board council of Kuwait Airways to hold meetings with the representatives of Kuwait Airways labor union to listen to their suggestions.

The sources indicated the Executive Director Abdullah Al-Sharhan held an extraordinary meeting with the union’s Chairperson Ahmad Al-Shallal to discuss the cause of the problem and the way out of it; indicating the agreement between the two sides to temporary suspend all decisions affecting the employees until amendments to the law are completed and endorsed.

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