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KD 10,000 fine for bachelors staying in residential areas
March 21, 2015, 9:44 am

The Municipality has completed a study on amending decreed law 125/1992 banning ‘bachelors’ from renting flats in some residential areas by imposing a fine of up to KD 10,000 on landlords and tenants. According to report in a local daily, the step primarily targets single expatriate men who rent rooms inside buildings at areas allocated for government houses, which are referred to officially as ‘private housing areas’. It does not have an effect in areas allocated for apartment buildings, otherwise known as investment areas.

Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Subaih cancelled in a letter to the Director of the Fatwa and Legislation Department all violating contracts and agreements, as power will be cut from the buildings and they will be evacuated administratively.


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