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KD 10,000 fine for not removing tents
February 16, 2017, 8:18 am

Kuwait Municipality decided on March 31 as the date for ending the spring camping season, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has warned that fines up to KD 10,000 will be imposed on those who do not abide by this deadline, reports Al-Rai daily. In a press statement, Director General of Kuwait Municipality Eng. Ahmad Al-Manfouhi revealed that the new bylaw on camping season issued by EPA will be applied next year, affirming that the new bylaw will not be applied in the current season, as this bylaw was declared after camping licenses were issued to citizens and expatriates.

In this context, Acting Director General of EPA Eng. Mohammad Al-Enezi has affirmed that the date for removal of the camps will be applied in line with the decision of Kuwait Municipality. He said the date of preparation will be as per the new bylaw on March 15 so that all camps can be removed by March 31. Al-Enezi clarified that immediate citations will be issued for any violation related to nonremoval of the camp on time and a grace period of one week will be given to pay the fine. The citation will then be referred to the Public Prosecution for necessary legal action to be taken against the violator.

Source: Arab times


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