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KD 60 ‘food allowance’ to municipality officials
March 16, 2016, 8:43 am

An official source at Kuwait Municipality said KD 60 will be paid as food allowance to some municipality officials, as Deputy Director General for the Financial and Administrative Sector Walid Al-Jassim opened the issue of the “allowances” some department officials are undeservedly receiving.

The source said the value of the “shift allowance” being paid to some officials is highly exaggerated, and some of it exceeds three allowances, especially since a large number of departments do not need shifts, and their official hours are in the morning only, and despite this some of them are paid. He said Jassim will resort to the attendance signature and fingerprint system to check attendance, especially after making sure that a large number of recipients are not committed to working hours.

The source said other allowances are paid to some officials including food and shift allowance, adding that Jassim, who is facing pressure to keep him from opening this file, will investigate the allowances of officials in departments that belong to the municipality director general as a first step, then will go to other departments and outdoor sites.

Source: Al-Rai

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