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KISR, India''s CISR sign deal on technical cooperation
November 20, 2013, 10:06 pm
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and India's largest research and development Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CISR) on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in different areas of scientific and technical cooperation.
The MoU was signed between Director General KISR, Dr Naji M. Al Mutairi and his CISR counterpart, SK Brahamachari in presence of Kuwaiti ambassador to India, Sami M. Al Sulaiman and delegates representing both the countries. Speaking over the occasion, KISR Director-General Dr. Naji M. Al-Mutairi said Kuwait was looking forward to strengthen relation with India and the recent visit of HH Prime Minister of Kuwait here testifies the Kuwait's commitment.
He noted that from last six years, KISR has undertaken new strategy with specific goals and areas of focus. Mutairi said Kuwait was looking at Asia for new strategic engagement, particularly India.
"Earlier we came here, but the penetration through state system was very difficult in India," he said.
"We have similar engagements in Singapore, Malaysia, and China. But working with them was smooth," Dr. Al-Mutairi pointed out.
He noted that Kuwait wants to come now again to India hoping to succeed on specific programmes of cooperation between two countries in the field of Science and technology. Al-Mutairi said KISR would host a workshop where the young scientists from India would come and share their experiences in science, technology and innovation with their Kuwaiti counterparts. He said Workshop would help the scientists of both the countries to prepare a roadmap for progress in the various sectors of mutual cooperation.
On SK Brahamachari query to identify the areas of cooperation, KISR chief said Kuwait was willing to identify subject and draft areas of mutual cooperation in various fields of Science and Technology. He said there were some models already existing in specific projects successfully.
The Kuwaiti side they have already discussed with their counterparts regarding the cooperation in food sciences. Detailing out the history of KISR, he said the institute was established 46 years ago by Japanese and later it was taken by the Kuwaiti government.
"Over 1,500 employees are working at KISR. It has seven different centers located across the Kuwait. They are engaged in studying upstream and downstream in areas if energy building, renewable energy, water de-salination, water management, life science, Agriculture, live stock, fisheries including many other areas," Al-Mutairi said. "They are also involved in technical economic studies for various projects in Kuwait," he went on.
The three-member KISR delegation arrived India on Nov 17 and held various meetings seeking cooperation with Indian research departments and institutes in areas of mutual interest. Apart from Al-Mutairi, the Kuwaiti delegates included KISR Research Scientist Dr. Eng. Nader M. Al Awadhi and Dr. NR Bhat Meanwhile, Kuwait Ambassador to India Sami-M -Al Sulaiman, assured that Kuwait wants to strengthen the already friendly relations with India.
"India is the future," Sulaiman said, adding: "We have already high level cooperation in oil and energy." Sulaiman said that the establishment of the joint ministerial commission between India and Kuwait was based on mutual cooperation in differenct sectors including oil and technology.
He said Kuwait would expect swift response from India in Scientific and technical cooperation offered by CSIR.
On his part, CSIR DG S. K. Brahmachari expressed India's keenness to have scientific engagement with the Kuwait. He said CSIR has 40 laboratories and top scientists were working in various fields related to science and technology. They are studying physics, petro-chemicals, and other areas of student. CSIR has 39 sub centres located across the country, he added. He said Kuwait should identify areas of cooperation between the two countries which could be taken forward to logical end.
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