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KNPC ‘suspends’ several financial related activities
May 17, 2015, 9:09 am

Parallel to the widening storm of parliamentary rejection of the decisions of appointment made by Oil Minister and the State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Ali Al-Omair, Kuwait National Petroleum Company has entered austerity era where several financial related activities have been suspended.

The activities include bonuses for excellent performance, parties and gifts for long serving personnel, spring camps clubs and gyms, and the decision to suspend such activities would spark protests among the employees to the point of organizing a sit-in or strike.

The Executive Director of Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) Nazar Al-Adsani issued a circular to the directors of companies affiliated to KNPC and its employees, ordering the suspension of funds related to the aforementioned activities until the State budget has been endorsed in the National Assembly.

A source close to the oil company described the circular as “a definite crisis similar to the appointment crisis”, affirming the option of overall strike will be highly considered in case there’ll not be successful disbursement of funds for suspended activities for the current fiscal year.

Meanwhile, a prominent former oil sector official who preferred anonymity affirmed that Kuwait National Petroleum Company is established from state funds and it remains the possession and earnings of the people of Kuwait that entrusted it to the board directors. He said the MPs are not supposed to maintain silence on what is transpiring in terms of using the sector for election purposes, reports a local daily.

The former official revealed that the minister nominated someone who holds high school certificate and was working as a supervisor, and the changes done by the minister is a key step towards winning the election. He added “the directors of the board of KNPC are in-charge of making appointments as per the law, thus the minister has no right to interfere in the process by nominating anyone”.

According to the former official, the minister decided to change the board members in a manner that it will give him control over the board, and after he realized the difficulty in forwarding some names. “KNPC is currently going through the most difficult time in terms of instability and unprofessional interference which abhors every worker in the sector”, he indicated.

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