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KNPC's call for contingency plan successful - official
April 17, 2016, 11:43 am

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) has succeeded in activating the contingency plan and operating the company's three refineries, said the KNPC's Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Al-Mutairi on Sunday.

He also affirmed that none of the fuel stations or supply networks of the Ministry of Electricity was affected with the strike, called by the Union of Petroleum and Petrochemical Workers, early today.

Al-Mutairi, speaking to KUNA from inside the operation rooms at Mina Al-Shuaiba during a site tour, said "conditions at Kuwait's three refineries are stable," and that the KNPC did not solicit help of any non-KNPC personnel.

All the personnel working today are KNPC staff, however some of them worked at other sites, he explained, thanking all workers who showed up at work today to aver any emergency.

Al-Mutairi said the necessary personnel for operations have been secured without much trouble. The refineries' current output, according to the plan, amounts to 520,000 barrels instead of 930,000 barrels before the strike, adding that "what concerns the company is securing the necessary supplies for the domestic market."

Source: KUNA

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