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KOC launches 3rd phase of Abdalia Nature Preserve
March 7, 2015, 8:17 am

Kuwait Oil Co. (KOC) held Friday a celebration for the launching of the third phase of its project of building a national nature preserve known locally as The Abdalia Nature Preserve, a company press statement said.

This preserve is one of several the KOC is building in various parts of the country in its bid to propagate environmental awareness and the imperative to keep the nation's lands and sea free of pollution, said the company's CEO Hashim S. Hashim, according to the press statement.

He applauded the company's endeavors to launch public campaigns aimed at cleaning the nation's beaches and inland areas.

Work on the first two phases of the Abdalia Nature Preserve started in January 2011 and currently the preserve covers an area of 7 million square meters hosting more than 70,000 trees and 40 types of vegetation from the local Kuwaiti environment, said director of the project Omar Sadeq, according to the company's press statement today.

On the sidelines of today's celebration, Al-Ahmadi Governor Sheikh Fawaz Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah told reporters that the Abdalia Nature Preserve is a vital addition to the country's present preserves which helps temper the effect of environmental pollution and enriches the desert topography with colorful flora and fauna.

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