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KPC to compensate employees who did not participate in strike
May 28, 2016, 8:23 am

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has decided to compensate its employees, who did not participate in the strike organized by the Union of Oil Workers Syndicates on April 17-19, by paying them bonus ranging between KD 250 and KD 1,500 depending on the category of each employee. According to an official circular signed by the Acting Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Finance and Planning Department Wafa Al-Za’abi, employees under four different categories in the subsidiary companies will be granted bonus.

The first category is of specialists in technical operations at Kuwait Oil Company and Kuwait National Petroleum Company who worked on 12-hour shift basis during the period. They will receive bonus worth KD 1,500 each. The second category includes employees involved in direct technical operations in the two companies as well as the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company and Kuwait Petrochemical Manufacturing Company. They will get KD 1,000 each.

The third category is the technical support staff within the operations sectors of the four companies. They will be entitled to bonus worth KD 500 each. The last category includes employees of other sectors such as those working in the fire service sector and KOC Hospital.

Their bonus will be KD 250 each. In order to qualify as a beneficiary of the bonus, the employee should be registered in direct contracts with KOC, KNPC or KPC. He should not be a senior official and should not be workers employed under wage, temporary, contractual or loan system.

Source: Arab Times

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