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KRCS seeks excellence at all humanitarian levels - Dr. Al-Sayer
March 23, 2015, 8:27 am

Kuwait Red Crescent Society will continue its humanitarian role by helping all the needy people in different parts of the world amidst difficult humanitarian challenges, KRCS Board Chairman said Sunday.

Dr. Helal Al-Sayer said it was crucially important to boost capabilities for a new year in which people in need would be full of hope that they get aid as quick as possible.
Al-Sayer was speaking during KRCS General Assembly meeting of fiscal year 2014.

He said KRCS offered food supplies, clothes, medical equipment and two ambulances for the Palestinian people, while in Somalia the society carried out construction projects, drilled 25 wells, built six schools and 16 eating rooms for orphans, offered one ambulance and provided breakfast meals for Muslims during Ramadhan.

Al-Sayer said KRCS build 172 and 25 housing units for victims of floods in Bonsia-Herzegovina and Serbia respectively.

He added the society provided food, blankets, tents, household equipment and an ambulance for the Sudanese people, while offering 10,000 food boxes, 10,000 plastic covers and 5,000 household equipment.

KRCS was also active in Yemen and provided medical equipment and medications for the elderly, and livestock, he noted. Al-Sayer said the society was doing its utmost efforts to help the Syrian refugees in neighboring countries.

KRCS, in cooperation with the Public Awqaf Endownment and philanthropists, was also helping needy families inside Kuwait, he said, as well as taking part in social occasions.
KRCS has since its establishment in 1966 sought to be a major component of the humanitarian work of Kuwait and the Arab world.

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