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KUNA Chairman receives diplomats, stresses on coordination
December 7, 2014, 4:13 pm
Board Chairman and Director General of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Sheikh Mubarak Duaij Al-Ibrahim Al-Sabah receives Indian ambassador in Kuwait, Sunil Jain

Board Chairman and Director General of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Sheikh Mubarak Duaij Al-Ibrahim Al-Sabah, on Sunday, received separately the Kuwaiti ambassadors to Kazakhstan and Ghana and the consulate general in Irbil, northern Iraq, discussing media role for serving Kuwait's external ties.

Sheikh Mubarak Al-Duaij affirmed during the meetings necessity of cooperation among the Kuwaiti diplomatic missions abroad for serving high national interests.

Tareq Abdullah Al-Faraj serves as Kuwait's ambassador to the Kazakh republic. Mohammad Hussein Al-Failakawi is the top diplomat serving in Ghana and Omar Ahmad Al-Kanderi is the general consul in the northern Iraqi city.

KUNA's chief correspondents abroad are aware of the fruitful efforts, being exerted by the Kuwaiti diplomats to bolster Kuwait's status in the world and portray its civic image globally, he said, stressing on necessity of coordination between the KUNA correspondents and the diplomats to capitalize on the success at the diplomatic level, locally and abroad.

For their part, the hosted diplomats praised KUNA's role for service of the national diplomacy.

Meanwhile, the KUNA chief received the Indian ambassador in the country, Sunil Jain, discussing the historic ties bonding the two countries. Jain praised Kuwait's noticeable performance in India.

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