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Keep eye on kids wearing jewelry, families cautioned
June 27, 2016, 9:13 am

Salhiya area detective officers arrested a Kuwaiti woman for stealing gold bangles from the hands of children in Mubarakiya traditional market.

Security sources said the police post at the market received reports from several individuals regarding woman wear an abaya and a veil who lurked around children in the market and stole their gold bangles and bracelets. The information prompted security operatives to intensify surveillance to arrest the culprit.

Efforts by the officers bore fruit when they caught the lady suspect (46 year old citizen) in the act. She admitted stealing gold bangles and bracelets from children and said she perpetrated three similar crimes in the same manner in the last few months, indicating she sold the bangles and bracelets to a gold shop in the same market. The woman alongside the stolen items was referred to concerned authority for necessary action. The police have since registered a case to trail the shop owner who bought stolen gold bracelets form he woman.

The Public Relations and Security Media Department has cautioned families on adorning their children excessively with jewelries and leaving them unmonitored while shopping.

He stressed such action might prompt people with weak souls to take advantage of the situation to steal from the children. It reaffirmed commitment to provide enough security in the markets, commercial complexes, recreational centers to preserve security and safety.

Source: Arab Times

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