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Keralite jeweler caught at Kuwait airport
February 13, 2014, 11:03 am

A Malayali jewelry shop owner who was running a number of fraud schemes at his shop in Abbassiya was arrested at Kuwait International Airport on Wednesday, February 12. His arrest came as a surprise shock to him as he was planning to abscond without trace after his swindling schemes that amassed customers' cash. He was arrested on complaints received from his deceived clients, sources on condition of anonymity said.

The disgraced shop owner, hailing from central Kerala, named his shop after a brand jewelry shop that has branches elsewhere in Kuwait. He was cashing in through various schemes that offered gold gifts, discount vouchers and raffle draws. Complaints became widespread after the shop owner failed to fulfill promises that were offered months ago. The shop had been closed without notice for a couple of days spreading news about its bankruptcy and ways to compensate the customers. While the customers waited for their reimbursement, the owner was making his own plan to flee. His arrest is a relief to many people who invested gold and money in the fraud schemes but the question remains whether they ever will be compensated

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