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Kheitan residents decry incessant water shortage
July 16, 2014, 9:58 am

Kheitan residents have been expressing displeasure and disgust over the incessant water shortage which government officials and lawmakers have not resolved, coupled with skyrocketing prices of tanker of water reaching KD 14 per tanker even if it takes a long time to fill water reservoirs, reports Arab Times citing Al-Seyassah daily.

Hamad Al-Marzouq, one of the residents, complained the water shortage has become a major problem in Kheitan, pointing out the problem gets worse during summer. A Kuwaiti woman, who introduced herself as Umm Hamoud, asserted the water shortage problem requires quick intervention of government officials.  She stressed it is unreasonable to see a rich country like Kuwait experiencing water problem. She lamented water tanker owners have been exploiting the situation to the extent that they now charge as much as KD15 per tanker of water.

Another Kuwaiti resident, Abu Yousef, claimed the lawmakers have not done anything to check the unfortunate situation.  He alleged the only concern of lawmakers is to spark controversy in the National Assembly through selfish grilling. “Water shortage is being experienced steadily in all parts of Kheitan, especially Block Two. Caretakers of houses create lines for tanker drivers to supply drinking water, but at the end of the day, tenants share payment for the supply,” says another resident - Ibrahim Mousa.

Meanwhile, a water tanker driver - Mohammad Awdah - expressed objection to those who accused tanker owners or drivers for exploiting the situation to increase the price of water.  He explained that some tankers have limited capacity while others are large, clarifying the price depends on the size of the tankers - KD11 for small and KD14 for large.

Talking about the plight of tanker drivers, Adel - another tanker driver - said some people believe that they load water upon reaching the government reservoirs, not knowing it takes them up to two hours before getting their turn. He indicated the tanker drivers queue through the night before they open gates of reservoirs around 6:00 am.  He added they suffer a lot due to mounting pressure. 

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