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Kidney priest in Kuwait for donation campaign
January 22, 2014, 9:45 am
Fr Davis: 'There is no religion for kidney'

Fr Davis Chiramel, chairman of Kidney Federation of India and a celebrity donor after he donated one of his kidneys to a Hindu patient
4 years ago is in Kuwait to spread the word of donation. After getting donation consents from 400,000 people in south India within a short span of 1 and a half years, Fr Davis is taking his mission of organ donation to the Middle East for the first time now. On Friday, January 24, he will speak to the public in a function organized by Thrissur Association of Kuwait at Community Hall, Abbassiya where the organizers plan of attaining at 1,000 consent paper signed pledging 'I, the undersigned, being of sound mind, request that after my death my kidneys/organs be used for transplantation'.

"I travel with my kidney recipient all over Kerala to tell people that donating is absolutely ok", Fr Davis said in an exclusive interview in
Kuwait. "Last month I took part in a marathon in Kerala and next month I'm going to UK to jump from a helicopter in a program organized by Society of Kidney Friends, UK", the living donor priest said. "You've to convince people to make them believe that donating has no health hazard", the priest said. "All I'm asking now is to donate your organs after your death – altruistic donation. After our death we can 3 things to our body: one, to bury the body and donate it to the worms; second we give to fire; third, we can give to our fellow human beings".

The catholic priest who is on a sabbatical year is busy round the clock receiving calls from promising donors as well as enquiring
recipients and his campaign tours. It was 4 years ago Fr Davis, then the parish priest under Thrissur diocese, donated his kidney after hearing about a Hindu man named Gopinath who was on the verge of ending his life  because of his kidney failure and the imminent danger to his life. While the priest waited for his bishop's consent to donate his kidney, the media had taken it up celebrating the donation.

The kidney transplantation was done at Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi Fr Davis with the universal donor group 'O' kidneys was taken aback when Kochouseph Chittilappally, a business magnet called him to share the news of his donating a kidney after he had heard the priestly donation. Kidney donation spread and the number of donors has been steadily growing, Fr Davis said. There are 4 priests who followed the footsteps of Fr Davis. The last one donated his kidney to a Muslim.

"There is no religion for kidney". "In Kuwait I met a citizen who had a heart transplantation done at Appollo Hospital, Chennai. Kuwait and India share technology and commerce. Why not organs?", the priest asked. "On Friday we hope to make history", said Joel Jose, president of Thrissur Association about the plan of getting 1,000 consent forms publicly.  Kuwait Transplant Society will also take part in Friday's function.

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