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Kuwait’s plan to set up anti-crime center ok’d
June 3, 2015, 11:13 am

The Executive Bureau of the Council of Arab Ministers of Justice has approved a Kuwaiti proposal for setting up an Arab center for precautionary measures to curb crimes. Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al- Sanea submitted the proposal to the Bureau’s 56th meeting held in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. Bureau members recommended the proposal to the coming meeting of the Arab Ministers of Justice Council for approval, Al-Sanea told KUNA on the sidelines of the two-day gathering.

Meanwhile, participants have also condemned all forms of terrorism, and terrorist organizations, as well as rejecting any link between the phenomenon and any religion, nationality or culture, the minister said.

They also reaffirmed full solidarity with the countries whose security, stability and people have been targeted by terrorist attacks. They reiterated commitment to carry on with efforts to bolster legal, judiciary and institutional frameworks for combating terrorism and extremist groups. In addition, the ministers urged the Arab countries to enact laws for countering cybercrimes, besides endorsing the Arab protocols for combating human trafficking, and maritime piracy and armed robbery. Minister Al-Sanea is accompanied by the ministry’s Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Zakariya Al-Ansari, as well as other senior officials.


Meanwhile, the Higher Committee for the Promotion of Moderation, affiliated with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, condemned Monday recent explosions against two mosques in Saudi Arabia, calling it a “terrorist” act against Islam and humanitarian principles. The two terrorist acts that targeted worshipers inside mosques in Al- Qadih village and Damam city, eastern the Kingdom, are a result of a corrupted ideology that had been rooted inside the perpetrators’ minds, Fareed Amadi, the Committee’s Secretary General, said in a press statement.

This heinous crime has violated sanctities of human lives and properties, as well as sanctities of security and stability, Amadi said, adding that terrorism has no religion whatsoever. He also noted that terrorist organizations take a full advantage of any opportunity that allows them to spread their corrupted ideologies that are based on inciting hatred, radicalism, violence, and seditions among people.

Amadi called on religious scholars and preachers, in addition to all awqaf and Islamic affairs ministries, media state and public institutions, and intellectual elite figures in the Islamic world to consolidate all efforts towards fighting ideologies that promote radicalism and racism in order to protect the Islamic communities from dangers of these ideologies.

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