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Kuwait's anti-corruption authority making strides in structure, capacity building - Namash
March 5, 2014, 8:58 am

The Public Anti-Corruption Authority has made great strides in structure and capacity building since the government's foundation decree, said the authority chief Abdulrahman Saleh Al-Namash.
In a press conference, Al-Namash said that the authority is still in the stage of foundation.

"We are currently outlining the administrative and executive structures of the authority," Al-Namash said, stressing that the authority board is keen on building capacity of national cadres to depend on them in assuming responsibility of the authority.

He disclosed that the board of trustees has approved the organizational structure of the authority and sent it for review and approval to the Civil Service Commission.

Al-Namash pointed out that the authority has sought the help of some specialists and experts in a number of state bodies, particularly the judiciary, to help in the authority building.
He added that the board of trustees has formed five ad hoc teams to address part of the foundation stage missions.

He noted that the board, with the help of the Justice Ministry experts, finished the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2013/2014 and will finish soon the proposed budget for 2014/2015.

Al-Namash also revealed that the authority is in touch with the UN agencies, regional and international counterparts for the optimal benefit from their expertise.

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