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Kuwait's camping season 'the annual stress reliever'
November 1, 2014, 9:02 am

When Summer is long gone and over and temperatures go down, people in Kuwait seek the solace of the desert for their annual stress relieve experience of camping, which takes them away from their daily routines and problems.

From November till March, people head to the desert to experience the fair-weather, plantation, and outside activities that they dare not approach during the scorching heat of the Summer.

And with the advent of the camping season, campers and authorities alike start their respective preparations.

On the organizing part, the Municipality of Kuwait started issuing regulations and rules that would ensure that campers would maximize their experiences and also make certain that they stay safe and out of trouble.

For instance, the Municipal Council increased areas for camping from 2,000 to 10,000 square-meters and also closed the gap between camping sites to 50 square-meters.

Meanwhile, people seek to buy the necessary tools for camping, making stops at places such as the Kaifan Co-op Society for their purchases.

Indeed the number of campers of all ages is increasing and so is the number of sales, said Director of Kaifan Co-op Salah Al-Shehab to KUNA, noting that cooking appliances and food were the most sought items on the list of customers along with other necessities.

With all put into perspective, the excitement of camping could only be expressed by those that head to the great wild.

Speaking about his experience, Mohammad Al-Ali said that each year he would count the days for the camping season to come to experience joy and happiness with friends and family.

However, camping is not all "sunshine and rainbows" some people drag negativity along with them by violating the rules while setting camp or through their abusive behavior directed towards other follow campers and nature, said Al-Ali, who called for strict rules to prevent problems from reoccurring.

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