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Kuwait's record on human rights unassailable - MP
November 29, 2014, 8:14 am

Kuwait is on the correct course of dealing with human rights issues in the country, said on Friday a Kuwaiti lawmaker attending here the Second World Human Rights Forum.

In remarks to KUNA, MP Abdul-Hamid Dashti touted Kuwait's record on human rights saying that the government and parliament of Kuwait regarded highly issues touching on human rights, noting that a number of legislations had been passed by the Kuwaiti parliament enshrining the sanctity of human rights.

The parliament, he said, was currently contemplating draft laws on racial discrimination and foreign migration, among other ones.

The lawmaker, who is chairman of the human rights committee in Kuwait's parliament, stressed that Kuwait was preparing a report on human rights in Kuwait to be submitted to the January 28 meeting of the World Human Rights Council, to be hosted by the Netherlands. That report would spell out comprehensively the status of human rights in Kuwait in repudiation of some criticism of it from a few quarters, said Dashti.

The second World Human Rights Forum opened here yesterday with the attendance of more than 6,000 participants representing human rights activists and organizations from 94 countries, including Kuwait.

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