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Kuwait Airways US flight permit at risk due to Israelis ban
November 5, 2015, 8:11 am

United States of America’s federal Department of Transportation intends to take action against Kuwait Airways if the airline fails to change its policy of banning Israelis on its flights between New York and London, reports New York Post quoting official sources.

They explained that the airline refused to sell tickets to Israeli passport holders for its flights from New York to London at least twice because of its policy, which is based on a law in Kuwait that prohibits Kuwaiti citizens from doing business with Israeli citizens. US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx affirmed, “Discrimination shown by Kuwait Airways by banning Israeli passengers from using its flights between New York and London is both unwarranted and unacceptable, and must come to an end now”.

In response to the City Council members who urged the Department of Transportation to suspend the airline’s permit to fly in the United States of America and the Port Authority to cancel the airline’s lease at JFK due to the policy, Foxx said, “If the airline does not alter its policy immediately and voluntarily, the federal Department of Transportation will use all tools at its disposal to protect the civil rights of the passengers”. Kuwait Airways officials refused to comment.

Source: Arab Times

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