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Kuwait Airways gets EU Aviation security certificates
July 19, 2014, 1:32 pm

The national carrier, Kuwait Airways Company (KAC), has successfully obtained two aviation security certificates necessary for air-cargo or mail carrier operation into the European Union.

In a press statement, the KAC stated that it has got the ACC3 certificate which stands for 'Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport' and the RA3 EU certification which stands for 'Third Country EU Aviation Security Validated Regulated Agents' - a supply chain security initiative of the European Union.

"We, in the KAC, are proud of this achievement to be one of the first airlines operating in the region to receive that two certificates," KAC Board Chairman and Managing Director Rasha Al-Roumi said. Al-Roumi lauded the efforts exerted by KAC staff to meet the requirements of the two certificates.

She added that obtaining the certificates was essential for the KAC to continue its air-cargo and mail carrier operation in the EU. The ACC3 regulation is the latest modification to security measures covering incoming cargo and mail from non-EU countries. The original measures were announced by the EU in 2011, and introduced in 2012, following the discovery of explosive devices transported as air cargo.

The regulations place the onus on air carriers to meet certain standards for security prior to the loading of an aircraft bound for the EU, and to become designated as an "Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport" (ACC3).

To obtain ACC3 status, the air carrier must deliver a "Declaration of Commitments" setting out how it has complied with aviation security responsibilities of any EU member state to which it flies cargo and/or mail.

Until now, the regulations required ICAO security standards as a minimum; but from July 1 the EU regulations will demand that ACC3's hold security verifications of their cargo and mail operations at all non-EU airports they serve; this verification process must be conducted by an EU-certified independent validator.

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