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Kuwait Airways offers top ground services at airport
June 10, 2014, 1:37 pm

Kuwait Airways is diligently seeking to secure all requirements such as ground services and systems and modern equipment, needed by airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport.

Fozi Khorshid, in charge of the KAC ground services, said in a statement on Tuesday, on occasion of signing a ground services agreement with Turkish Airlines, that the KAC clients, namely the other aviation companies, enjoy diverse ground services, specifically allotment of special weight spaces, counters equipped with state-of-art devices, in addition to various kinds of facilities. The KAC also serves the Amiri Aircraft Fleet, VIPs' aircraft, cargo planes, and special flights, he added.

The national company operates an integrated system in the various sectors covering booking and departure, and also providing new buses, instant and regular maintenance for the other operating companies.

It diligently seeks to expand its commercial relationship with the aviation companies not only in the sector of ground services but also in other fields, with the aim of bolstering its status as a specialized company and boosting operations at the national air facility, Khorshid said.

Moreover, the company staff helps clients overcome any "hurdles" they may face, he continued.

He said the new accord with the Turkish company reflected the latter's confidence in KAC, as the agent for ground services at the airport.

Turkish Airlines offers four flights daily a week to and from Kuwait. This will be increased by three to four during the summer.

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