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Kuwait Airways plans to expand future sales
December 21, 2013, 9:02 am

Kuwait Airways is planning to expand its sales by 2014, said the airways' branch chief Abeer Al-Qattan here late Thursday.

Speaking at the branch annual celebration, Al-Qattan said that she welcomed the participation of numerous figures in the celebration, noting that it was an honor to host high-profile figures such as member of the UAE's Federal Supreme Council Sheikh Saud bin Khalid Al-Qasimi and others.

Al-Qattan congratulated the UAE on its national day and also on winning honor to host the Expo 2020, noting that Kuwait Airways was inspired by the Emirates' achievements and would focus on expanding on its operations in the future.

Speaking to KUNA, Sheikh Saud Al-Qasimi wished Kuwait Airways the best in the future, hoping that the airways would achieve its sales expansion goals.

Kuwait Airways representative Sattam Al-Rashidi said, on his part, that the airways was planning on its expanding its fleet to meet international standards.
He also noted that Kuwait Airways is considering new destination as part of the expansion of sales plan.

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