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Kuwait Airways union protest for benefits
January 10, 2017, 10:54 am

Members of Kuwait Airways’ employees syndicate organized a sit-in outside KAC headquarters in Dajeej yesterday with a list of demands that mention benefits that have been stripped from pilots, engineers and other employees.  MP Mohammed Al-Khodair also joined in the demonstration and highlighted the support of lawmakers for reinstating the benefits to the staff. He mentioned law number 6/2008 and stressed his disapproval that it is not enforced, adding that the government is taking the parliament too lightly.

On his part, Kuwait Lawyers Society secretary Mohannad Talal Al-Sayer made the claim that Kuwait Airways and its subsidiary companies have introduced measures to push out Kuwaiti employees. He reiterated the lawyers society full support for Kuwait Airways employees and protection of their rights. Speaking on the strike, the head of KAC retirees Ahmed Al-Randi stated that retired Kuwait Airways employees are backing the employees who remain in service, and remarked that some retirees have also lost their benefits such as annual free tickets.

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