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Kuwait Airways welcomes arrival of 2nd B777-300ER aircraft
January 3, 2017, 8:47 am

Kuwait Airways welcomed in the New Year the arrival of its 2nd B777-300ER named "Um Al Maradim", which comes as part of its five-year transformation strategy.

The national carrier will yet to receive 10 additional passenger planes of the same line by 3Q17, Chairperson and CEO of Kuwait Airways Rasha Al-Roumi said in a press statement Monday.

The new fleet will play an immediate and significant role in serving Kuwait Airways' long-haul destinations and ultimately open new routes, she pointed out.
The new aircraft's brand name is christened after one of the Kuwaiti islands, "Um Al Maradim."

"While the outward change to our aircraft will be obvious, we also hope to demonstrate that a much deeper and thorough transformation process is underway; one that will reassert our pioneering legacy in the region's aviation industry and restore a sense of pride in the national carrier of Kuwait.

Ultimately, such changes will be in pursuit of asserting our position as the preferred choice for passengers, linking Kuwait to the world," Al-Roumi added. Kuwait Airways fleet will be the best world travel operator by 2012, she said.

Last month, the national carrier received its first plane of its new branding strategy and is waiting to welcome the rest of the fleet. Kuwait Airways, incepted in 1953, is considered the oldest privately-owned carrier in the gulf region. In 1962, it was completely owned by the government.

Source: KUNA

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