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Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (KANCOR) to launch operations soon
December 21, 2014, 8:44 am

Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (KANCOR) will shortly launch operations from its headquarters in Al-Shamiya after the necessary executive regulations and by-laws for the authority are issued.

The Kuwaiti public has been awaiting the establishment of this authority since the announcement of its law in 2012 particularly after the Transparency International indicated in one of its reports about the high level of corruption in Kuwait compared to other GCC countries.

Assistant Secretary-General of KANCOR Salem Ali Al-Ali, in an interview with Arab Times, disclosed that the delay in issuance of executive regulations and by-laws for the authority is due to the sensitivity of the authority’s operations.

“Due to the existence of numerous governmental bodies that operates on similar fields, Fatwa and Legislation Department took its time to produce the executive regulations and by-laws in order to ensure that KANCOR’s operations do not overlap with that of other governmental bodies.

However, we believe that the department has taken way too long for this process”, added Al-Ali.

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