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Kuwait, Britain initial deals on extradition and judicial assistance
November 26, 2015, 4:28 pm

Kuwait and Britain have welcomed the launching of bilateral cooperation in the field of justice and initialing of two draft agreements on extradition and judicial assistance. This came in a joint statement issued on Thursday at the conclusion of the seventh session of the Kuwaiti-British Joint Steering Group held in Kuwait under chairmanship of Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah and Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office for the Middle East and North Africa Tobias Ellwood.

During the two-day meeting, both sides voiced mutual willingness to promote and develop cooperation in a way that should match the historic relations between both countries, according to the statement.

They stressed the significance of reinforcing bilateral relations in the political, military, economic, trade, investment, cultural, developmental and judicial fields.

They also underlined the importance of stepping up mutual visits between both countries' officials, and implementing all signed agreements as well as wiping out relevant obstacles.

They also called for encouraging mutual investments in vital and feasible sectors in both countries, especially regarding Kuwait's development plan projects and infrastructure projects in Britain, together with increasing trade exchange and participation in each other's international exhibitions.

In terms of security, both sides discussed mutual coordination and cooperation between both nations' security agencies, mainly in the fields of immigration and aviation security.

They also considered bilateral cooperation in the cultural and scientific realms by means of intensifying cooperation between their scientific institutions and universities, with Kuwaiti students being given necessary facilities in Britain, said the statement. In the health field, both sides emphasized the significance of bilateral cooperation in the fields of training and qualifying Kuwaiti medics, and how to make use of Britain's great medical advancement.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Jarallah and Ellwood signed a plan of action for six months to come, and agreed to hold the 8th meeting of the joint group in London six months later. 

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