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Kuwait Embassy in Cairo eulogizes late Egyptian poet Abnodi
May 13, 2015, 10:56 am

Kuwait's Ambassador to Egypt Salem Al-Zamanan Tuesday praised late Egyptian poet Abdulrahman Al-Abnodi and said the iconic poet had demonstrated honorable positions during the 1990-91 Iraqi occupation of Kuwait.

"We in Kuwait share the Egyptian people their loss," Al-Zamanan said in an event to eulogize Al-Abnodi, whose name was engraved in hearts of Kuwaiti people. Al-Abnodi's words "were easing pains and giving hopes" for the Kuwaiti people when the Iraqis invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990, he said.

"We in Kuwait still remember this good spirit, and highly appreciate the giant historic position of the deceased ... ," said Al-Zamanan.

The ambassador said Al-Abnodi would always be remembered for his nationalism and champion of Arab causes.

Egyptian Minister of Culture Abdulwahed Al-Nabawi said the poems of Al-Abnodi would be collected and reproduced by the ministry, as well as translating his poems into English and French languages.

Journalist Jamal Al-Ghaitani said Al-Abnodi was a nationalist courageous poet, who immediately reacted against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Al-Abnodi passed away on April 21, 2015.

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