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Kuwait MP files motion to grill two ministers
November 28, 2013, 5:01 pm

A Kuwaiti lawmaker on Thursday filed a motion to grill ministers of social affairs and labour, citing irregularities.

MP Hamdan Al Azemi said that he would grill Dhikra Al Rasheedi on three major issues related to the alleged violations by social care centres.

The MP said that he has solid evidence to prove that the ministry and its related offices and agencies were abusing the rights of Kuwaiti citizens and orphans and misspending public funds.

He also blamed the minister for labour issues and for favouring powerful members of the business community while major projects were stalled for lack of sufficient numbers of labourers.

“The irregularities are a clear violation of the Kuwaiti constitution and laws and they cannot be ignored,” he said as he filed his grilling motion.

Questioning of ministers is regular in the Kuwaiti parliament where standoffs between lawmakers and the government are common, resulting in dissolution of the legislature or resignation of the cabinet.

The Kuwaiti parliament is set to debate on December 24 the merit of quizzing the minister of municipalities and housing Salem Al Oudhina following the controversy over the removal of tents in Shiite community centres during the Ashoura mourning period. Lawmakers Abdullah Al Tamimi and Faisal Al Duwaisan had filed the motion.

The parliament will also review a move by MP Khalil Abdullah for a confidence vote on the minister of planning, Roula Dasht

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