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Kuwait MP proposes trust fund for citizens from birth
February 22, 2014, 12:13 pm

Under MP Askar Al Enezi’s proposal, the government of the Gulf state would deposit 50 dinars (Dh650) each month into an account for each citizen from the time of birth.

The money would be managed by the country’s sovereign wealth fund, the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), and the capital and profits handed to citizens when they become adults.

Al Enezi said his proposal aims to help young people lead a dignified life when they become adults and that they could use the money for university studies, marriage or other purposes.

The proposal must now be passed by parliament and accepted by the government to become law.

The country already provides a generous cradle-to-grave welfare system, with citizens entitled to basic services either free of charge or at highly subsidised rates.

But the government warned in October that current spending levels are unsustainable, insisting that there was an urgent need to reduce subsidies on fuel, electricity and water and raise charges on public services.

Kuwait, with a native population of just 1.24 million, has assets worth more than Dh1.47 trillion, mostly in investments overseas, managed by KIA.


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