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Kuwait MPs emphasize pivotal role of lawmakers in boosting int'l trade
February 18, 2015, 8:59 am

Kuwait's parliamentary delegation to the joint meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the World Trade Organization stressed the pivotal role of parliaments in boosting international trade.

"This meeting tackles the role of lawmakers in drawing the trade policies and agreements which the World Trade Organization oversees," Head of the delegation MP Dr. Awda Al Rowaey told KUNA.

He pointed out that the conferees also debate the role of international trade in promoting social justice and fighting poverty and unemployment worldwide.

For his part, MP Khalil Abdullah said that the conference is a chance for Kuwaiti MPs to get a deep knowledge about the role of and the efforts exerted by the WTO in the past two decades.

"I lack concrete proofs on the WTO's claims about making achievements," MP Abdullah told KUNA. He urged the WTO to unveil its failures as well as challenges facing the international trade as the aspired role of lawmakers to overcome them. He expressed support to a proposal calling for the presence of lawmakers at the WTO negotiations.

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