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Kuwait MPs promote support for people with special needs
September 3, 2013, 12:33 pm

Kuwaitis with disabilities should be given a monthly financial assistance of at least 300 Kuwaiti dinars (Dh3,851)for life, a parliamentary proposal suggested.

MPs Khalil Al Abdullah, Abdullah Al Tamimi, Mohammad Al Hawaila and Safa Al Hashem said that the financial assistance should be provided by the state regardless of the type or degree of the disability.

Any woman looking after a person suffering from a disability should be given 250 dinars () a month, even if she is employed and has an income, the lawmakers said in their proposal, local Arabic daily Al Kuwaitiya reported on Tuesday.

Caretakers assisting people with disabilities should be given a retirement pension that is equal to their salary if they had 15 years of service for men and 10 years for women, the MPs said.

The proposal will be taken up by a parliamentary committee for assessment before it is debated by the lawmakers.

Kuwait is one of the most generous welfare states in the world and provides its citizens with free education and healthcare and subsidises social services, housing, electricity and food

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