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Kuwait PM to be grilled over 'Israel deal'
October 11, 2013, 6:57 pm

Kuwait’s prime minister is in line to face stern questioning in the Gulf state’s parliament after a lawmaker accused him of confirming a deal signed with a security contractor allegedly founded by the Israeli army.

MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan filed a motion to publicly quiz Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Sabah over the agreement with the unnamed company, which is said to be based in Canada and manufactures control systems.

Al Duwaisan said in a statement, according to Kuwait Times, that Sheikh Jaber along with the country’s interior, foreign, defence, finance and commerce ministers were “politically responsible for the partnership and putting Kuwait’s national security at risk”.

No trade between Israel and Kuwait has even been formally acknowledged. Kuwait, and the vast majority of Arab nations, do not acknowledge the existence of the Jewish state, which was founded in 1948 on land seized from the Palestinian population.

Al Duwaisan did not provide any further details of the alleged agreement, but claimed Kuwait’s previous Cabinet, headed by Sheikh Jaber, “had admitted dealing with a company established by the Israeli army”.

The report did not specify when the questioning would take place.

Earlier this year, a Kuwaiti lawmaker sparked controversy when they reportedly told a television network that he will “love the Israelis” if they can aid in providing greater security for his country.

In an interview broadcast on Al-Adala TV, independent MP Hamad Al-Dosari said that Islamic law permitted trade between the two nations, which do not enjoy diplomatic relations.

“The sharia permits us to have dealings with the Israelites. We follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who died while his shield was mortgaged with a Jew,” he said.

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