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Kuwait Parliament Oks excluding companies with irregularities
March 15, 2016, 1:52 pm

The National Assembly on Tuesday approved a recommendation for excluding government contracts for companies with a record of flaws and shortcomings in past deals' execution.

The parliament during the regular session approved the recommendation against such companies, with a record of breaches and irregularities recorded by the Audit Bureau, to avert recurrence of such shortcomings, Moreover, the parliamentary commission for protecting public funds will present to the parliament, at the upcoming session, a report about a company with an identical record.

Also in the same session, Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Yousef Al-Ali pledged to hold a presentation on terms' compatibility, due to be addressed to the central tenders committee regarding an infrastructural project, pending the funds protection panel's cross-examination of the company.
Furthermore, the parliament approved an address from the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister to the financial affairs committee regarding prospected downgrading of Kuwait's sovereign rating internationally.

The MPs blessed a request by MP Faisal Al-Kandari urging the Assembly to tackle conditions in the oil sector and another one addressed to the finance minister re-examine irregular acts and performance reported by the Audit Bureau.

In response to the motion, presented by the MP Al-Kandari, the minister said that the examination and hazards committee at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation had tasked him with following up on remarks of the Audit Bureau.

As to "purported targeting of special allocations" for the oil personnel, the minister affirmed the government serious care for the sector and the workers, explaining that the government is actually seeking to "rationalize some of the allotments granted to leaders" in the public and oil sectors.

Source: KUNA

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