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Kuwait Science Club announces success of artificial coral reef colonies
June 9, 2014, 9:13 am

Kuwait Science Club's Diving Team's installation of colonies for coral reef have been a success because it enabled coral reef to grow on the artificial colonies, Dr. Adam Al-Mulla, a club Board Member, said Sunday.

Al-Mulla, at a joint news conference with marine biologists from New York University in Abu Dhabi, who were in Kuwait to evaluate the artificial colonies, said coral reef have grown in a natural manner. "This is the fruit of 14 years of hard work and efforts," he said.

Al-Mulla said the Kuwaiti environment, specially the marine environment, has been subjected to assaults by human beings causing massive damage, triggering the sciences club to launch environmental awareness campaigns.

The club has been working on creating suitable environment for sea creatures, he said, and warned against development projects erected at Kuwait Bay. Captain Talal Al-Sarhan, Director of Marine Environment Department at the Club, said it took 10 years of non-stop work to monitor and assess the artificial colonies, which were installed within concrete domes.

These artificial colonies, he added, have transformed into a natural-like environment that attracted fish and other sea creatures. He said experts from New York University in Abu Dhabi have taken 150 samples from the colonies and would be analyzed abroad.

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