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Kuwait a land of stability: church leaders
March 5, 2015, 8:42 am

‘Christian community living in peace’

All heads of churches in Kuwait have affirmed that the Christian community in the country is living in peace and they enjoy the right to practice their own religion, describing Kuwait as a land of stability and peaceful co-existence, reports Al- Qabas daily.

According to the church leaders, the local authorities have been taking good care of them; affirming that the country offers an appropriate atmosphere for different Christian sects that are allowed to organize their own religious celebrations and activities. The leaders stressed the environment they are living in Kuwait is different from what Christians in other countries are experiencing, as the latter have been subjected to various forms of oppression by certain groups and extremists.

They pointed out the constitution of the country is a model for guaranteeing a big space of freedom for all religions and affiliations. Moreover, cleric Nazem Al- Misbah stressed the importance of protecting the dignity of Christians living in the country, whether they work in ministries or in other places, by giving them all their rights. He said the Kuwaiti nation treats them well and if the opposite happens, it is an isolated case. He added that if a non-Muslim is not the enemy of religion, then there is no harm in treating him well; since religion teaches people to treat others justly without hurting them.

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