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Kuwait affirms renunciation of all forms of indiscrimination
June 12, 2013, 2:35 pm

GENEVA, June 12 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait has praised efforts by the United Nations Human Rights Council in combating racial indiscrimination and fanaticism and natives' hatred of foreigners. Education is crucial for tackling the issues of indiscrimination and prejudice, said Yousef Al-Ibrahim, Kuwait Foreign Ministry's Diplomatic Attache, reacting to recommendations by the UN rapporteur tasked with these issues, during a session of the council.

The State of Kuwait is aware that human rights will not be fully attained at long as the notion of racial indiscrimination remains persistent and spread throughout the world, noted Al-Ibrahim, expressing dissatisfaction at widespread breaches of human beings' rights across the world.

Aware of this status, the State of Kuwait has enacted a series of legislations and has taken substantial executive measures to fight racial indiscrimination for sake of "realizing man's dignity and freedom and rights," he said, adding that such principles have been included in the teaching curricula of public schools in Kuwait since establishment of the state.

All humanitarian values including human rights, advocacy of peace, democracy and tolerance are included in the Kuwaiti teaching curriculums, he said.
Article 29 of the Kuwaiti Constitution stipulates equality, non-indiscrimination on the basis of sex, origin, language or religion.

The citizens of Kuwait are equal "in front of the law in terms of rights and public duties," said the diplomatic attache, adding that this constitutional provision "totally adheres to the recommendations of the special rapporteur with regard of laws that prohibit indiscrimination." Kuwait has recently enacted the law for protection of national unity that bans any call or manifestation intended to promote hatred or any form of indiscrimination. The 23rd session of the UN council is due May 27-June 24. Participants in the meetings are examining reports by experts tasked with human rights.

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