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Kuwait airport staffer held over illegal exit permits
September 15, 2016, 1:51 pm
Racket came to light during a security check in coordination with the passport department at the airport

Security authorities in Kuwait are questioning a Kuwaiti airport employee for facilitating the illegal exit of people who did not have regular passports.

The employee, 25, was a civilian working in the passport department and took money from stateless residents and foreigners staying illegally in Kuwait to enable them to leave the country using Kuwaiti passports that were not under their names.

A spokesperson for the General Directorate for Relations and Passports said that the racket was uncovered during a security check in coordination with the passport department at the airport.

Having detected the irregularity, the authorities conducted an investigation and were able to identify the employee and his accomplices who admitted their involvement and gave out all details, including the amounts of cash received from people who they abetted in leaving the country.

The employee and his accomplices were referred to the public prosecution for legal action.

The general directorate said that its agents were highly qualified to detect and deter any attempts to break the law and smuggle people into the country or outside. It warned that it would always push for the most stringent legal action against those found guilty of breaking the law.

Source: Gulf News

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Vincenzo  Posted on : September 15, 2016 10:25 pm
Well he was doing a job on FAST TRACK and getting rid of illegal immigrants living in Kuwait

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