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Kuwait among hottest nations in the world
July 3, 2016, 8:36 am

Kuwait is among the hottest countries in the world, and the heat wave hitting the country in the last few days proves that climate change has reached the utmost level. Many experts are of the view that the current climatic condition will not last forever.

They also agreed that temperature will increase by 4 degrees centigrade and cause many disasters, with high waves sweeping coastal cities. They wondered if temperature will decrease after the hole created in the ozone layer is mended, according to the recent studies.

Many scientists unanimously agree that thermal emission in the last three decades of 20th century and first two decades of 21st century is the reason behind global warming and the depletion of ozone layer.

They also believe that the number of skin cancer patients and those suffering from various chronic diseases keeps swelling as a result of the phenomenon. The dangerous impact of global warming has reached the environment, causing desertification and 50 percent less rainfall.

Since 1987, attempts have been made to deal with global warming after studies confirmed its threat to all living things, including humans. America announced the good news after researchers noticed the hole in the ozone over the South Pole was shrinking due to measures implemented after the Montreal Convention in 1987.

It seems that actions taken have started yielding fruit! The ozone layer is responsible for protecting the Earth from dangerous ultraviolet rays, and the science magazine has published a study indicating the ozone hole shrank about half the size of USA since 2000.

Scientists also say the use of chlorofluorocarbons that depletes the ozone layer has phased out to 15 percent after reaching its peak in the late 1990s, according to the report of International Meteorological Organization and the UN environmental program for 2015 which also indicated the restoration of ozone hole will be complete by 2050.

Professor of Chemistry and Climate Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Susan Solomon and editor of the program of Montreal Convention said the timely global action taken on climate change set the Earth on the right track. As per simulation program by the UN, about two million people will be protected against skin cancer and diseases of the eye and immune system, in addition to livestock and agriculture in 2030.

Satellite images and metrological balloons showed active volcanoes as the reason behind the rising sulfur-dioxide that depletes ozone layer, while the reduction of chlorofluorocarbons is contributing to heal the ozone.

Source: Arab Times

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