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Kuwait asserts to UNHRC its responsibility to providing healthcare to children
March 15, 2014, 9:28 am
Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Legal Affairs Department Rasha Al-Menais

Kuwait is committed to provide free primary and preventative healthcare to children including preconception and prenatal care, an official from Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry stressed on Friday before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Legal researcher at the Ministry's Legal Affairs Department Rasha Al-Menais said, during a UNHRC's session that discusses children's rights, that Kuwait is aiming at lowering death rates by encouraging the public to lead healthy lifestyle.

Kuwait also strives, through signing international pacts, to grant legislative and executive rights for children, particularly those of special needs. Children's right is granted by the constitution; a constitution that recognizes the family as one of the fundamentals of building a better society. Children are protected from any physical, emotional or spiritual abuse, she pointed out.

The Kuwaiti government, she explained, is providing free comprehensive and preventative healthcare to all members of the Kuwaiti family.
The UNHRC is currently studying a bundle of reports on the rights of children and the challenges that are facing the international community in providing protections for those youngsters.

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