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Kuwait assures meat consumers about safety
March 22, 2017, 7:35 pm

All meat imports reaching the domestic market are subjected to thorough and very careful examination to ensure the products are safe for consumption, a municipal official affirmed on Wednesday. The department of imported food is very keen on examining the imports, said Khalaf Al-Mutairi, in charge of the services sector at Kuwait Municipality, in a statement to KUNA. Samples are forwarded to the Ministry of Health to ensure that the imported stocks are fit for human consumption, he affirmed.

Such procedures are applied on the imported stocks regardless of the country of origin. Some Asian nations have recently halted meat imports from Brazil, where the police reportedly searched premises of 30 meat companies amid claims about exports of spoilt stocks.

Brazil exports beef and poultry products to more than 150 countries. Main importers from the Latin American nation are Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Holland and Italy.

Source: KUNA

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