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Kuwait authorities arrest 47 illegal expats
January 24, 2016, 4:47 pm

Kuwait security authorities have arrested 47 foreigners for absconding, staying illegally in the country and engaging in acts of moral depravity.

The lawbreakers were arrested after the police received tips that an African man was sheltering domestic helpers who ran away from the homes where they were employed and was using them to trade in sex.

The police raided the building where they were staying and arrested the African man and 47 people who had broken the law.

The police also discovered an illegal international communication network, Kuwaiti reports said on Sunday.

The court will decide on the fate of the detainees. Last week, the interior ministry said that it arrested 4,431 lawbreakers after it combed the suburbs of Hawalli and Al Reqie as part of its campaign to nab people who did not comply with the country’s rules and regulations.

“A strong show of force was carried out by ministry personnel on the scene in those suburbs to prevent lawbreakers from fleeing the area,” the ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday.

However, 1,786 of the people questioned were allowed to go free “as their residency status were deemed correct.”

The ministry said that all expat residents had to carry proof of identification documents with them at all times in order to avert being arrested and potentially at some point being deported.

“The ministry also urged businesses, citizens, and residents to make sure that the people they recruit have valid residency permits and warned them not to hire anyone with no residency documentation or with an expired one to avoid legal accountability,” the statement carried by Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) said.

Source: KUNA

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